Various Types of Battery Chargers






There are various types of battery chargers like mobile battery charger, car battery charger etc. The duty of all the chargers is the same, that is, to basically charge a battery. With many types of chargers out in the market, it is essential to find out which would suit ones' requirement and necessity, so that the chargers can be of maximum use to the user. A few common types of charging are explained in this article.


Switch mode regulator: Also called as a Switcher, these regulators use the modulation of pulse width for controlling the voltage. The power wastage is also comparatively less in this type of charging. The size of the whole component can be reduced with the help of using high switch frequency.


Series regulator or Linear regulator: This type of charging is less complex but the power wastage is more here. Here the load current moves through the regulating transistor, which is usually a device of high power. Due to the unavailability of switching, the current produced is pure DC type and so there is no need of an output filter. It is very suitable for low noise producing devices.


Shunt regulators: They are common photo-voltaic systems as they are quite inexpensive to build and easy to design. This type of charging does not allow over-charging, as the PV output is shunted when the voltage reaches the correct level, and hence the name.


Chargers are of various forms and different types have different uses as well. Depending on our needs and necessities, the correct type of battery charger is to be used so as to benefit to the maximum level.



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